100 years of giving

God is birthing something new in the people of First Wes. While not new in the sense of "never existed," as God has been consistently working at First Wes for over 100 years, but new in the sense of its expression for this generation. In the same way that each generation of a family has traits that are unique yet consistent with the previous generation, so God's move among us today is much the same. As we covered in our section on history, First Wes has always been marked with prayer and sacrifice as it has faithfully answered the call of God - to help people develop a life-changing, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  To celebrate 100 years of First Wesleyan giving itself away to Battle Creek, we dedicate this year to blessing Battle Creek with our 100 Year's Give-Aways.  This is how we invest in eternity. This is how light shines in the darkness. This is how we see with God's kingdom eyes. We love because He first loved us. We give because Jesus Christ gave it all for us. We love you, First Wes. We love you, Battle Creek.