the angel's word to shepherds over 2000 years ago

is still a message for today:

"good news that will bring great joy!"

we want to brighten the lives of others this Christmas!  

and we're gonna having a blast doing it! 

Sample expressions include:

  1. Bless another family with a night out... Dinner & a movie.
  2. Surprise someone at the pump and pay for their gas.
  3. Pool together with friends to help someone with car or home repair.
  4. Tip extravagantly! Many servers struggle during the holidays.
  5. Send flowers & a note to a friend who lost a loved one this year.
  6. Deliver donuts & coffee to area teachers or a local fire department.
  7. Buy concessions at a movie theater and give them away to others.
  8. Hand out pet treats at a local pet store or veterinarian.
  9. Go to a local vendor and buy someone else's Christmas tree.
  10. Pay for the groceries of the person in front of you.
  11. Make some brownies or cookies and take them to a neighbor.
  12. Plan a night of caroling with friends. Consider wearing Santa hats or bringing Candy Canes to hand out.

Have fun and spread joy!